“The Schulich Leader Scholarships program helps ensure the best and brightest minds working in the fields of science, technology and mathematics are here at Queen’s so we can help solve the world’s significant and urgent challenges. The commitment of the Schulich Foundation is an inspiration and we are grateful for its bold and ambitious vision for the future of Canada and its next generation.”

Dr. Patrick Deane

Principal & Vice Chancellor

Queen's University

Engineering Programs

Stephen J.R. Smith Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Engineering – Bachelor of Applied Science (OUAC Program code: QE, QEC, QEM only)

Science & Math Programs

Faculty of Arts and Science

  • Science* – BSCH (OUAC Program code: QS, QIS only)

*Excluding progression or transfer Into Biology, Biochemistry, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, and Psychology after year 1.

School of Computing

  • Computing* – BCMPH (OUAC Program code: QD only)

*Excluding progression or transfer Into Biomedical Computing and Cognitive Science after year 1.