Ethan Rigby

2017, Engineering

School & Degree:

University of Calgary, Engineering

High School/Cegep:

Medway High School

City & Province:

Arva, Ontario

Nominated by:

Jayne McCullough

What undergraduate program are you enrolled?


Software Engineering (dual degree BComm in Entrepreneurship)


What is your favourite inspirational quote?


‘Even the smallest person can change the course of history.’ – Lady Galadriel  (J.R.R Tolkien)


What is a little known fact about you?


I love to travel.  My favourite country so far has been New Zealand where I even got to visit Hobbiton!


Why do you make a great Schulich Leader?


Today, I am a confident, caring, and courageous person who is not afraid to take on a challenge, even if faced with failure.  I do very well in school and have diverse interests from music to math to mentoring. I love snowboarding, Scouts, and science.  Some people see me as a paradox because I am obsessed with computers and modern technology, but equally enjoy being unplugged in the beautiful Canadian wilderness on a month-long canoe trip.  I thrive when I can share my experiences with others and make a positive impact in some small way on their lives. However, in the past, I was very different and have had to overcome several challenges. I was diagnosed with a learning disability in languages when I was twelve.  Before this time, I was in French Immersion and struggled with my school work.  I thought I was stupid and wrestled with anxiety. I was often teased by other students and felt left out.  Fortunately, I moved to a school where a compassionate teacher understood me.  She taught me that everyone has special gifts and showed me how to self-advocate and use my strengths.  Her kindness and support changed my life.  Since entering high school I have excelled in all subjects, my self esteem is soaring, and I have many friends.  However, this experience showed me how it feels to be different, and impressed upon me the impact one person can make.  I was inspired to get involved with others that have special needs or learn in unique ways and to advocate for inclusiveness in my community. Through my personal experiences and endeavours, I have evolved into an empowering, yet empathetic leader, who tailors his skills to meet the needs and capabilities of others.  These attributes combined with my creativity, intelligence, and wish to make a positive change in the world are what will make me an exceptional Schulich Leader.