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Where to start? Am I the only one who…

1 December, 2013

Flavie-Anne Boulerice

Hi everyone,

Where to start? Am I the only one who found that this semester went away too fast? Already our final exams in a week and I still feel like I’ve just started a week ago. I really love my program, Veterinary Medicine is meant for me; it feels like I’ve always belong there! I love my courses, even if they are really demanding especially the labs. My anatomy’s lab is my favorite; it is where we’re learning all the muscles, nerves, blood vessels… well, every parts of a dog. There are also many activities (wet labs, conferences) which are always very interesting and give you the opportunities to learn new things. I’m also getting involved in the dog shelter at the faculty, I’m in the grooming and behavior committees. It gave me a chance to learn more about dogs and different behavior’s problems. It also gave me responsibilities.

The picture enclosed with this blog is one of our grooming committee where many of us have become really good friends. All the students here are so nice; it feels like being member of a big family. Another really important aspect of making the St-Hyacinthe Veterinary Faculty so welcoming is the awesome teachers. They’re always there when we need them, they help us as much as in our scholar program that in our personal life. They are inspiring and thought us not to be afraid to dream big. I think my five coming years will go very fast and I am and will continue to enjoy every minute of it.

I wish you all great Christmas vacation and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!