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University and all the possibilities it offers

1 October, 2012

Laurence Arpin

My first weeks at University of Montreal’s Faculté de médecine vétérinaire have been so rewarding. Finally!, I have reach university and all the possibilities it offers to explore new fascinating perspectives. It is a real pleasure to study tangible issues, matters that, I know, will be useful for my community.

My favorite class is perhaps Veterinarian anatomy, because it is so amazing to look deeply into the tiniest details of bodies from different species. It helps to understand the true meaning of evolution! Domestic animals and us, human beings, have so much in common! I feel this class as a solid foundation on which I am going to build all my future learnings : pathology, surgery, etc.

My class of Farm veterinary management is also wonderful; it allows me to improve my understanding of rural politics. It is the place where we can discuss the way our world rules agriculture, a major point of my personal approach.

I am currently in my exam week, which means that a quarter of the year is already behind me! I don’t believe it! Medicine programs runs so fast! For this particular reason, it is a real benediction to have the mind free from financial uncertainties thanks to the Schulich Leader Scolarship. After two months of exciting studies in veterinarian medicine, I am enthusiastic; I enjoy my faculty, my erudite teachers and all the skills I acquire to become a real leader in my future domain: animal – and human – health.