"For more than a decade, the Schulich Leader Scholarships have provided forward-thinking students with the opportunity to advance their learning in STEM disciplines and develop their skills as entrepreneurial-minded technology innovators. York is grateful for Seymour Schulich’s visionary investment in Canada’s youth, and proud to partner with the Schulich Leader Scholarships to support the next generation of STEM leaders."

Dr. Rhonda Lenton

President & Vice-Chancellor

York University

Engineering Programs

Lassonde School of Engineering

  • Engineering – BEng

Science & Math Programs

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

  • Cognitive Science – BA
  • Information Technology – BA

Faculty of Science

  • Actuarial Science – BA
  • Applied Mathematics – BA, BSc
  • Chemistry – BSc
  • Data Science – BA, BSc
  • Mathematics – BA, BSc
  • Mathematics for Education – BA, BSc
  • Mathematical Biology – BSc
  • Physics & Astronomy – BSc
  • Statistics – BA, BSc

Glendon Campus

  • Mathematics/Mathématiques – BA, iBA Bilingual, iBA Trilingual

Lassonde School of Engineering

  • Computer Science – BA, iBA, BSc, iBSc
  • Computer Science for Software Development – BASc
  • Computer Security – BA, BSc
  • Digital Media – BA
  • Digital Technologies – BASc
  • Earth and Atmospheric Science – BSc

York University

Betty Seifu


Sherry Wong


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