“They are Canada’s future researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs — leaders who will make a mark on our world for the better. We’re so grateful to Seymour Schulich and the Schulich Foundation for the opportunities they are providing to these outstanding young learners.”

Professor Meric Gertler

President & Vice-Chancellor

University of Toronto

Engineering Programs

Faculty of Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering – BASc
  • Civil Engineering – BASc
  • Computer Engineering – BASc
  • Electrical Engineering – BASc
  • Industrial (Systems) Engineering – BASc
  • Materials Science and Engineering – BASc
  • Mechanical Engineering – BASc
  • Mineral Engineering – BASc
  • Engineering Science – BASc

Science & Math Programs

Faculty of Arts & Science

*Earth & Environmental Systems excluded

University of Toronto at Mississauga

  • Anthropology (Science) Major – BSc
  • Chemical and Physical Sciences + BSc
  • Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics – BSc

University of Toronto at Scarborough

  • Computer Science – BSc
  • Mathematical Science – HBSc
  • Statistics – HBSc

University of Toronto

Annie Yao


Daniel McInnis


Julia Won


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