"We at UNB are thrilled to partner with the Schulich Foundation in offering Schulich Leader Scholarships, increasing both UNB and Canada’s competitiveness on the world stage by providing transformative educational opportunities to our country’s most capable and talented youth."

Dr. Paul Mazerolle

President & Vice-Chancellor

University of New Brunswick

Engineering Programs

Engineering Faculties

  • Faculty of Engineering (Fredericton Campus – FR)
  • Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering (Saint John Campus – SJ)

Engineering Programs

  • Chemical – BSE.CHE (Both Campuses)
  • Civil – BSE.CE (Both Campuses)
  • Electrical – BSE.EE (Both Campuses)
  • Geodesy and Geomatics – BSE.GGE (Both Campuses)
  • Geological – BSE.GE (Both Campuses)
  • Mechanical – BSE.ME (Both Campuses)
  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering – BSSWE (Both Campuses)

Science & Math Programs

Science Faculties

  • Faculty of Computer Science (Fredericton Campus – FR)
  • Faculty of Science (FR)
  • Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering (Saint John Campus – SJ)

Science Programs*

  • Bachelor of Science – BSC (Both Campuses)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (concurrent) – BABSC (FR)
  • Bachelor of Geomatics – BGEOM (FR)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – BCS (FR)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Science (concurrent) – BCSSC (FR)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – BSCCSSJ (SJ)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Computer Science (concurrent) -BABCS (FR)

*Fredericton campus – Earth Sciences, Psychology, Medical Laboratory Studies, Environmental Geochemistry, Environment & Natural Resources excluded
*Saint John campus – Geology, Environmental Biology, Marine Biology, Biology-psychology excluded

University of New Brunswick

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