“The Schulich Leaders Scholarship Program is not only investing in students with tremendous talent, it is investing in Canada’s future quality of life, sustainability and prosperity. There is so much potential for these young scholars to leverage their academic knowledge to create fresh solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges. I have learned firsthand of their imagination and commitment from my direct interactions with several of our Schulich Leaders. The University of Calgary values the support of the Schulich Foundation in empowering these STEM students to strive for excellence and shape the future. We look forward to the next 10 years of growth in technological advances and knowledge translation fuelled by our innovative Schulich Leaders.”

Dr. Ed McCauley

President & Vice-Chancellor

University of Calgary

Engineering Programs

Schulich School of Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering – BSc
  • Civil Engineering – BSc
  • Electrical Engineering – BSc
  • Engineering Physics – BSc
  • Geomatics Engineering – BSc
  • Mechanical Engineering – BSc
  • Software Engineering – BSc

Science & Math Programs

Faculty of Arts

  • Earth Science – BSc
  • Geography – BSc

Faculty of Science

  • Data Science  – BSc
  • Natural Sciences – BSc
  • Nanoscience – BSc
  • Chemistry – BSc
  • Computer Science – BSc
  • Geoscience – BSc
  • Physics and Astronomy – BSc
  • Mathematics and Statistics – BSc

University of Calgary

Jonah Zankl


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