“The vision behind Schulich Leader Scholarships is nothing short of remarkable. By providing enthusiastic and generous support to our most promising young talent, they act as a powerful catalyst in producing the next generation of scientists that Canada will need to succeed.”

"La vision qui sous-tend les bourses Schulich Leader est rien de moins que remarquable. En appuyant de façon enthousiaste et généreuse nos jeunes scientifiques les plus prometteurs, ce programme agit comme un véritable catalyseur de la relève dont le Canada a besoin."

Daniel Jutras


Université de Montréal

Engineering Programs

All Engineering Programs

  • Génie physique – Physics Engineering
  • Génie logiciel – Software Engineering
  • Génie industriel – Industrial Engineering
  • Génie mécanique – Mechanical Engineering
  • Génie aérospatial – Aerospace Engineering
  • Génie chimique – Chemical Engineering
  • Génie civil – Civil Engineering
  • Génie géologique – Geological Engineering
  • Génie des mines – Mineral Engineering
  • Génie électrique – Electrical Engineering
  • Génie informatique – Computer Engineering

Important information: *Schulich Leader Nominees (SLNs) outside of the Quebec Collegial (Cégep) system are admitted into a transitional year totaling 30 credits before pursuing their undergraduate program of study.

PLEASE NOTE: Polytechnique Montréal (Engineering School affiliated to the University of Montreal) selects 1 of 2 Schulich Leaders to study at Polytechnique Montreal each year.  Only one Schulich Leader selected at the University of Montreal will perform their studies at Polytechnique in engineering.

Science & Math Programs

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • Department of Chemistry – BSc, Program: Chemistry – BSc
  • Department of Computer Science and Operational Research, Program: Computer Sciences – BSc
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Programs:
    •  Mathematics and Economics – BSc
    •  Mathematics – BSc
    •  Mathematics and Computer Science – BSc
    •  Mathematics and Physics – BSc
  • Department of Physics, Programs :
    • Physics – BSc
    • Physics and Computer Sciences – BSc

PLEASE NOTE: Université de Montréal selects 1 of 2 Schulich Leaders to study at Polytechnique Montreal (the Engineering Facuty) each year.  Only one Schulich Leader  selected at this institution will perform their studies at Université de Montréal in science, technology or mathematics.