"Dalhousie University is proud to partner with the Schulich Leader Scholarship program to provide a springboard for some of our country’s brightest and most innovative STEM minds. Not only do these scholarships change recipients’ lives, but through enabling these high-potential students and future leaders, they make the world a better place."

Dr. Kim Brooks

President and Vice-Chancellor

Dalhousie University

Engineering Programs

Faculty of Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering – BENG
  • Bachelor of Engineering Co-Op – BENG
    • Chemical
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Diploma in Engineering

Science & Math Programs

Faculty of Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Computer Science – BCSC
    • Software Development
    • AI & Machine Learning
    • Cloud Computing
    • Algorithms
    • Networking & Cyber Security
    • Graphics & Gaming
  • Bachelor of Applied Computer Science – BACSC
    • Software Development
    • Database Systems
    • Web-Centric Computing
    • User Interface Design
    • Privacy & Security
    • Project Management

Faculty of Science

  • Bachelor of Science – BSc
    • Chemistry Co-op
    • Earth Sciences Co-op
    • Economics Co-op
    • Integrated Science Program (first-year option)
    • Marine Biology Co-op
    • Mathematics Co-op
    • Ocean Sciences
    • Physics and Atmospheric Science Co-op
    • Statistics Co-op

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) – BSc (Agriculture)
    • Agricultural Business
    • Agricultural Economics
    • Agricultural Economics
    • Plant Science
  • Bachelor of Technology
    • Small Business Management

Dalhousie University

Ewan Glover


Mary MacInnis


Nicole Jones


Sundaram Biswas


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