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Time has gone by so quickly

1 May, 2013

Jennifer Borchert

With one final exam left before the successful completion of my first year as a student at the University of Victoria, I find myself wondering how the time has gone by so quickly. In less than a week I will be packing my bags and leaving the place that I have slept in, studied in, and laughed in for the past eight months. Although the heavy workload was, at times, quite exhausting, I am extremely grateful for each and every experience I have had as a Schulich Leader at UVic. Earlier in the semester, I was able to obtain a scuba diving certification through the UVic Scuba Club. I felt very fortunate and inspired to have been able to spend time in the ocean while studying biology. Some of the same creatures that I saw while diving were discussed in lecture just the week before! While juggling this certification, studying for midterms, and playing on my residence’s soccer team, I learned to budget my time better than ever before. I was able to carry this skill with me throughout the term in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn as effectively as possible. I look forward to my return to Victoria next September when I can continue to enjoy the beautiful coast, my wonderful friends, my active lifestyle, and most importantly, the knowledge gained from each of my labs and lectures.