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Time has been flying by during these past two months!

1 October, 2012

Nicole Pitre

University life is even more challenging and more fun than I expected it to be! From the very first day of Orientation Week at the University of Waterloo, I have been experiencing new things and meeting many incredible friends from around the world. My roommate is a fourth year exchange student from Brazil; she is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and she has been teaching me Portuguese! There are about thirty Brazilian exchange students living at my residence, which has allowed me to learn a significant deal about Brazilian culture. The photo that accompanies this post shows my roommate, our Brazilian friends, and me at the season opener football game during Orientation Week. I have also befriended students from Pakistan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and China. The diversity here at the University of Waterloo amazes me!

In terms of my academic program, I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. The workload is intense, so time management is key. The math courses at uWaterloo are as I expected: challenging and fascinating. It is great to be surrounded by classmates that share my passion for mathematics and technology.

Outside of academics, I have been excited about getting involved in student life. I am on an intramural Ultimate Frisbee team, I take a Tai Chi class every week, and I am a floor representative on my residence student council. I have really enjoyed the extra-curricular opportunities I have experienced so far, and I look forward to joining some new extra-curricular activities next semester.

Time has been flying by during these past two months! I know the last two months of this semester will be just as great as the first two months. I am so glad that I chose to attend the University of Waterloo and that I am one of the two Schulich Leaders chosen to represent this high calibre institution.