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This year is flying by!

1 May, 2013

Regan Cross

As I finish up my last set of midterm exams for my first year at university, I cannot believe how quickly the year has passed. I still remember move-in day in September like it was yesterday, right down to the type of sub I ate in the car.

This first year has been an amazing experience that I have learned so much from. I feel as though I have learned more in my ten courses this year than I did throughout high school- and it's all so interesting! I have had some wonderful professors that make my classes so intriguing and that help to make the complicated information much clearer. The five lab components that I have completed in organismal biology, chemistry, physics, cell biology and organic chemistry are truly some of the highlights of the year so far. While the reports can be long and stressful, actually watching the science take place for myself has been so amazing.

While I have learned so much in my classes, there has been much learning outside the classroom as well. Meeting such a wide variety of people from different backgrounds has really broadened my perspectives. The University and city of Ottawa have so much to offer! For example, in March the Science Students' Association at the University of Ottawa brought Bill Nye (yes, the Science Guy) to Ottawa and sold over four thousand tickets. As we all know, Mr.Nye is the master of getting kids interested in science, and this presentation was wonderful in helping to get us students re-intrigued by the wonders of science.

I was also an executive with the uOttawa Dance Club this year, which was an amazing experience! Through the hard work of a few core members, we brought in about 50 dancers, organized classes, and put on a wonderful year-end show! This year was such a success that we are already forming plans for next year, and hope to have an even more spectacular show.

Overall, my experience at the University of Ottawa has thus far been amazing and I cannot wait to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way for the next three years here.