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This semester was very informative for me

1 December, 2013

Sacha Lajoie

This semester was very informative for me. I had a course on the nervous system, this complex and still obscure system for many things was a challenge ! However, it was very interesting to understand and demystify the different dementias. Too often we feel that people with dementia are weird and dangerous, which is often not the case. These prejudices interfere with the help that we must provide as healthcare, member of the family or as a citizen. Another course which was very interesting to me is the family psychology. This course has made me aware of the impacts of poverty and abuse on cognitive, physical, social and scholar development. These environments often do not provide the opportunity for these young people to flourish and be at their full potential. Presumably the society loses many potential Schulich leader, from the lack of support or resource for children living in difficult family situations. We are losing perhaps inventors, thi nkers and honest workers. Our school system may favor the ruling class and unfortunately abandons those who are in need and who require special programs and especially resources. I feel privileged to have had the right to a good education and a good environment to develop myself and become what I am. However, the chance that we had should not forget those who have not had.