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Third Semester is over!

1 January, 2016

Vincent Rocheleau

I can’t believe another semester is already done! Time flies so fast. At the beginning of the semester, I had the chance to meet the two new Laval University Schulich Leaders for a dinner thanks to the Schulich Foundation. It was a very nice experience to meet them and to learn about their backgrounds. We are now a group of eight Schulich Leaders at Laval University which gives us many opportunities and the chance to collaborate on some projects through the years of our studies and also after when we will be on the labor market. One of the Laval University Schulich Leaders, Audrey Ann Lavoie, started a nonprofit organization named Omnii. Next semester, I promise her that I will participate with the interested Schulich Leader of Laval University to an activity to help people in need. I think that she started something very amazing and I totally support her in what she is doing.
As the semesters go, I can really confirm that I am studying in a field that passionate me so much. There are so many majors available in Electrical Engineering to choose from! It is very interesting to know that ending up my studies with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering will give me the opportunity to choose a career for a company that is working from the aerospace engineering field to the electricity production passing by the ones working on advanced microelectronics parts. There are so many different possibilities! To help me choosing the field that I like the most, I will do internships in different companies during my bachelor. 
Also, I very appreciate the fact that we are kind of a family in my program. From the beginning of my studies in this program to where I am right now, I have made a lot of friends and we are almost always together. We are helping each other understanding what we have learned in our classes. Another semester will start soon and I am already excited about finding back my peers.
To finish, I want to wish a very merry Christmas to everybody and a New Year filled with joy and success. I once read somewhere “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”, which is exactly what I wish you for 2016!