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The power to change and improve the lives of people around me

1 October, 2012

Sacha Lajoie

I started my academic session in medicine in early October due to the student strike that took place in Quebec. Despite the fact that the session will be shortened and intensified, I felt ready to tackle any workload that awaited me, because it seemed exciting work. I was not disappointed, each course is interesting to me and I feel that what I learn will make me a valuable person who can help others.

I realize every day that I have the power to change and improve the lives of people around me. I have many opportunities to get involved in my field to see a tangible impact. Due to the intensive session, I’m not going to register on committees, but this is only postponed to the next session. On the other hand, it is a total relief to me to know that I am in the right place in my faculty and my program. I realize that I really do not study; I sealed my thirst for knowledge. My desire to understand is unlimited and I love to share my knowledge with my family. The knowledge I gain is made to be disclosed and not to be trapped in notes. Also, I am aware of the responsibilities of my future profession and its role in society. I understand that it is not easy and it requires constant dedication whatsoever to science and society and I feel comfortable even if it may seem scary sometimes.

What I want to say first of all, is that even if I do not get involved now, I see what I could do in a near or distant future to help my society. I appreciate the fact that my faculty allows me to do this through several volunteer programs varied and exciting. In addition, I became aware of the great amount of paper that asked medical school because of the thick books and of the printed power point. I made the decision to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note Tab. Consequently, I don’t have to print paper and I even able to buy medical books on the net to have them on my Tab. Therefore, I contribute to the protection of the environment by this gesture may seem expensive, but yet ultimately reduces the “bill” in terms of impact on the environment. It is important that we, as students who have used the technology since we are born, we use our ability to handle the new technology as a responsible citizen of the Earth. This is where I leave you !