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The leaves have changed with me

1 November, 2012

Jessie Russell

The first few months of university have been a time of transition. I’m beginning to understand why the new school year begins in fall; as I’ve grown accustomed to the early mornings, long labs and new dreams the leaves have changed with me. Both of us are preparing for a new season.

As I’ve entered this new season I’ve held on to many things. My love for biology has continued to grow and flourish among engaging professors, other students who are also overjoyed by the thought of sorting insects, and an environment where enthusiasm is expected. I have also found a lovely group of students who have welcomed me, and other first years, into the Environmental Student Union that has been a marvelous starting off point for getting involved in sustainability at SFU.

Everything is still new. I am still finding my footing. To be honest I haven’t changed as quickly as the leaves, but I already have a deep affection for this place of learning. With its many forums, discussions, intramurals and people fascinated by the world, I’ve realized a lot of my education is going to happen outside of the lecture hall.