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So Many Opportunities!

1 July, 2014

Julie Wong

WIth second year coming to a close, it’s crazy to look back and see how busy I’ve been this past year, but even more exhilarating to look forward at all the opportunities I’ve been given for next year!

During the school year, I was VP Events for the Malaysian and Singaporean Students Association. It was a fantastic experience, and one of the highlights was organizing and running South East Asian Night, the association’s biggest event that drew a crowd of over 200 people for a night of food, fun, and great cultural performances. Next year I’m lucky enough to be President of the Association, and I can’t wait to help the club expand!

I also participated in the McGill Not-for-Profit Consulting Program. This is a unique program where, in a team with 2 other undergrads and 1 MBA student and supported by McGill professors and McKinsey management consultants, I provided pro bono consulting services to a not-for-profit organization in order to help the organization flourish and improve its operations. My team worked with a fairly new organization and helped it find a sustainable revenue stream. Words can’t describe the feeling I got from seeing how excited the client was by our proposal during our final presentation. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to use the engineering problem-solving I’ve learned in a real-life situation.

This summer, I will be a Field Engineer Intern with Schlumberger, the largest oilfield services company in the world. Stationed in the Cementing segment in Red Deer, I will be working on oil rigs all over Central Alberta. I’m excited for this opportunity to get my hands dirty in the field and truly experience what the oil and gas industry has to offer, especially with such a prestigious company. It’ll be great to take my Chemical Engineering knowledge out of the classroom and on to the oilfields!

Being a Schulich Leader continues to help me make the most of my university experience, and I’m thankful that I have this opportunity to explore and grow; my time here at McGill wouldn’t be the same otherwise.