Viktor Popp

2016, Engineering

School & Degree:

University of Manitoba, Engineering

High School/Cegep:

Erickson Collegiate Institute

City & Province:

Erickson, Manitoba

Nominated by:

Julie Collyer

What undergraduate program are you enrolled?


I am enrolled in engineering and plan to pursue specialization in biosystems.


What is your favourite inspirational quote?


“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


What is a little known fact about you?


I have grown up on a cattle ranch my whole life, which is why I love the outdoors.


Why do you make a great Schulich Leader?


I believe that I will be a great Schulich Leader because I am genuinely curious.  Since a young age I have been known for asking many questions, always in an effort to learn.  I have also been very fortunate in my upbringing, having the support of my family and community. This has allowed me to become involved in various activities, giving me a breadth of experience.  Finally, I think that my humble character drives my desire to serve other people.  I hope to use all of these traits to help, and support society through the practice of innovative engineering.