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1 May, 2015

William Kwan

I completed my 8-month internship with Interaxon last December. I’ve just finished my third year of Computer Science at U of T. There’s a troubling thought on my mind.  I’m getting very old.

With old age comes maturity, so I dedicated this past semester to making the most mature kind of software: video games.

Here are my 3 favourites. They aren’t the only games I worked on in the past 4 months. You don’t want to play the other ones.

Kindling –

A casual game where your fire is your life. Made in 48 hours for the Uken game jam. We won. The photo is of my team. We’re in the zone.

Figurine –

I spent a few weeks prototyping this idea by myself. It was supposed to be a profound puzzle/turn-based-strategy game where you play as a female protagonist who hops between parallel universes to multiply herself and generate an army of clones. Other work got in the way, so I took a tangent and submitted an early build to the University of Toronto’s Game Making Deathmatch. I was awarded Best Use of Theme. The theme was Confucius. I don’t know what the relationship is. But one day, I will go back and finish this game.

Araceli Isles –

This is a very perplexing game. We haven’t released a public build yet. You should watch the trailer. It’s much more entertaining and descriptive than reading this post.

This is what I was up to from January to March 2015. After that, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Seymour Schulich at the The Centre for Collaborative Interactive Digital Media with the Chair of my department and other esteemed professors, grad students, and admin. I didn’t know what to say. I’m extremely grateful.

I can’t end this post without pitching my current projects. I’m very tired of making games. So after limping through my exams a few weeks ago, I started producing  middleware for game developers. I have two simple but working tools over at that are coming to the Unity Asset Store once the kind folks over there approve of them. We shall see what comes of this by the end of this summer. Adieu.