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Neuroscience is fascinating.

1 January, 2014

Bruce M. Gao

“If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn’t.” – Unknown

Neuroscience is fascinating.

How does a three-pound mass of jelly contemplate the meaning of the universe? Where does creativity come from? How do you read and understand information, for example, from this blog post right now? Why does my dog continue to bite porcupines even though he’s already done it twice this year?

Each of these questions could be worked on for a lifetime, and we would still lack a complete answer. Imagine, there are over one hundred billion neurons in the human brain, with the potential to make over one hundred billion factorial connections.

That’s probably the biggest number I’ve ever thought about.

And this is why when people ask me certain things, I simply say: “I don’t know”. But what I also say is that people are working to decode the human intellect as we speak. Technology is improving exponentially and someday, I hope that we stumble upon the key to unlock the human brain.

This is why I’ve started to do research at the Wildering Lab this semester along with my studies in Neuroscience. It sounds lofty, and maybe even foolish, but understanding the brain is a dream that I stubbornly pursue. Although it has only been a few months, I’ve become a veteran snail tattoo artist, an expert in mollusc microsurgery, adept at mixing solutions and a master at consuming coffee.

Besides, even if we don’t find anything, those are pretty cool resume toppers.

But in all seriousness, this why I chose Neuroscience. The unknown is fascinating and I want to learn it all.

Lets figure out the impossible.