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My second year at the University of Alberta has been extraordinary

1 December, 2013

Nikita-Kiran Singh

My second year at the University of Alberta has been extraordinary! After a first year of adjustment, I am now accustomed to life as a postsecondary student who enjoys learning for the sake of learning.
My science courses this semester are Physiology and Pharmacology, two fascinating subjects that reflect my love for medicine. I am also enrolled in Social Psychology and two Philosophy courses – one in ethics, and one in health care. This combination of classes has allowed me to further my passion for ideas involving the interplay between the sciences and arts. It is exciting to discover how the systematic nature of the sciences gives way to philosophical discussion, and how philosophy can lend a human aspect to the sciences.
The relationships I have made with other students on campus have truly enriched my experience at the U of A. As Vice President Operations of Make Poverty History Edmonton, I’ve been able to interact with generous, empathetic individuals who share a collective passion for making a difference. I’ve also enjoyed being a policy discussion facilitator for the Student Network for Advocacy and Public Policy (SNAPP), working on developing a policy brief related to water management in Alberta. It is rewarding to work with such wonderful groups of people.
I’ve also embraced the opportunity of becoming an Education Editor for The Wanderer Online. This role has allowed me to interview a diverse array of educators with the purpose of highlighting excellent educational leadership in Edmonton. I’ve continued to dance with the university’s dance group, Orchesis, and will be performing in a piece called Boléro in January.
I wholeheartedly look forward to continuing my journey at the University of Alberta. My experiences learning, both inside and outside of the classroom, have allowed me to grow in more ways than I could have ever imagined.