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My first year at the university is almost over

1 May, 2013

Flavie-Anne Boulerice

I can’t believe how fast it went. My final exams are coming soon but I’m ready and more prepared because I know what to expect. It was an amazing first year; I made new friends and enjoyed my classes.

This semester my favorite class is organic chemistry but I also really like my biology class: Cell and uniformity of living. I love the human aspect of biology and like learning how every single unit in human are connected.

I’m happy that summer is coming soon with warmer temperature. Montreal, in the snow, was quite an experience. At the temperature below 20oC and the cold wind, I was really happy I knew pretty much all of the underground tunnels!!

Like I said in my last blog, this year I really needed to concentrate on my grades so I haven’t had time to participate in activities at school like I would have liked to but I intend to next year!

In my last blog I forgot to thank M. Seymour Schulich for his generosity and the Montreal University to have chosen me, which allow me to concentrate on my courses rather than being stressed by financial insecurities. Thank you so much…

I look forward to well-deserved vacation. Good summer every one!