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Meet the 2022 Schulich Leaders, taking their entrepreneurial talents to the next level this Fall!

21 June, 2022

We are pleased to announce the 11th cohort of Schulich Leaders, recipients of Canada’s largest, most prestigious STEM scholarship.

Out of a pool of 350,000 potential candidates across Canada, 1,400 students were nominated. For the third year in a row, we are awarding an additional 50 scholarships, for a total of 100.

Of the 100 recipients, 50 receive $100,000 to pursue an engineering degree and 50 receive $80,000 to pursue a science, technology or mathematics degree at 20 Canadian partner universities.

“We are proud to celebrate more than 10 years of Schulich Leader Scholarships, the premiere STEM scholarship program in Canada and the world. This group of 100 outstanding students will represent the best and brightest Canada has to offer and will make great contributions to society, both on a national and global scale. With their university expenses covered, they can focus their time on their studies, research projects, extracurriculars, and entrepreneurial ventures. They are the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators,” says program founder Seymour Schulich.

The 2022 Schulich Leader scholarship recipients are:

First Name Last Name University Home City Home Province
Subha Azrin University of Waterloo Scarborough Ontario
Tudor Barsan University of Waterloo Oakville Ontario
Charlotte Brown University of Waterloo Perth Ontario
Norman Chen University of Waterloo St. John’s Newfoundland
Maggie Liu University of Waterloo Vaughan Ontario
Krishna Patel University of Waterloo Edmonton Alberta
Ashwin Roperia University of Waterloo Brampton Ontario
Sarah Wilson University of Waterloo Waterloo Ontario
Michael Xu University of Waterloo Calgary Alberta
Jonathan Zhou University of Waterloo Calgary Alberta
Mahjabeen Ali University of Toronto Toronto Ontario
Lauren Altomare University of Toronto Toronto Ontario
Sheryl Buttar University of Toronto Brampton Ontario
Kai Chen University of Toronto Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Armaandeep Dhanoa University of Toronto Winnipeg Manitoba
Robert Firsov University of Toronto Oakville Ontario
Logan MacDonald University of Toronto Middle Sackville Nova Scotia
Alex Macri University of Toronto Woodbridge Ontario
Azlan Naeem University of Toronto Hamilton Ontario
Lucy Shen University of Toronto Toronto Ontario
Michelle Adams McMaster University Oakville Ontario
Becca Barbera McMaster University Hamilton Ontario
Camille Gillespie McMaster University hamilton Ontario
Arnica Khaton McMaster University Scarborough Ontario
Javayria Mudassar McMaster University Mississauga Ontario
Kaylee Rich McMaster University Formosa Ontario
Ziqi Shang McMaster University Vermilion Alberta
Tyler Smith McMaster University Sudbury Ontario
Amanda Sullivan McMaster University Oakville Ontario
Kyle Sung McMaster University Toronto Ontario
Gabrielle Barsky-Giles Queen’s University Vancouver British Columbia
Michael Cassidy Queen’s University Toronto Ontario
Emma Dafoe Queen’s University Bancroft Ontario
Liam Doris Queen’s University Keene Ontario
Ahmad El-Barbary Queen’s University Ottawa Ontario
Hussam Hayek Queen’s University London Ontario
Tacen Huezo Queen’s University Windsor Ontario
Vivian Hughes Queen’s University Calgary Alberta
Lucas Komljenovic Queen’s University Oakville Ontario
Connor Leung Queen’s University Vancouver British Columbia
Aerin Brown McGill University Surrey British Columbia
Nicolas Dolgopolyy McGill University Blainville Quebec
Kristina Kerkelova McGill University Winnipeg Manitoba
Tavio Ficaccio McGill University Calgary Alberta
Maya Foster Thompson McGill University Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Josh Gertsvolf McGill University Ottawa Ontario
Eya Ibrahim McGill University Victoria British Columbia
Sophia Li McGill University Vancouver British Columbia
Alexander Lyakishev McGill University Toronto Ontario
Allison Tsypin McGill University Pointe-Claire Quebec
Ethan Chan University of British Columbia Vancouver British Columbia
Lyra Fletcher University of British Columbia Alert Bay British Columbia
Manorama Joshi University of British Columbia Fort McMurray Alberta
Raphael Kelly University of British Columbia Edmonton Alberta
Edward Li University of British Columbia Ottawa Ontario
Sarthak Tyagi University of British Columbia Surrey British Columbia
Xander Chin Western University Toronto Ontario
Brent Davison Western University King City Ontario
Eric Hout Western University London Ontario
Holly Morton Western University Wellington Ontario
Marianna Speranza Western University King Ontario
Tina Xu Western University Waterloo Ontario
Ana DuCristea University of Calgary Calgary Alberta
Iliana Hodgins University of Calgary North Vancouver British Columbia
Nabihah Hussaini University of Calgary Fort McMurray Alberta
Caleb Melin University of Calgary Lanigan Saskatchewan
Nikko Po University of Calgary Humboldt Saskatchewan
Alison Stanley University of Calgary Canmore Alberta
Colin Chan University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta
Geli Ferriss University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta
Hunaid Khan University of Alberta Regina Saskatchewan
Divya Prasad University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta
Rion Schulz University of Alberta Fort McMurray Alberta
Muhammed Shareef University of Alberta Calgary Alberta
Ispeeta Ahmed Dalhousie University Antigonish Nova Scotia
Mia Curry Dalhousie University Bear River Nova Scotia
Nansi Hassoun Dalhousie University Brantford Ontario
Emma McFarlane Dalhousie University Mill Brook New Brunswick
Ryan Neal Dalhousie University Fairmont Hot Springs British Columbia
Natha Paquette Dalhousie University Yarmouth Nova Scotia
Amanda Doku University of Ottawa Toronto Ontario
Tasneem Labak University of Ottawa LaSalle Ontario
Renata Kamel University of Victoria Parksville British Columbia
Sophie Pavlik University of Victoria Barrie Ontario
Hannah Alli York University Mississauga Ontario
Neill Botushanski York University Richmond Hill Ontario
Evan Dyce Simon Fraser University Aldergrove British Columbia
Maya Rink Simon Fraser University Surrey British Columbia
Sarah Ens University of Saskatchewan Martensville Saskatchewan
Ami Rai University of Saskatchewan Surrey British Columbia
Isaac Buckingham University of New Brunswick Corner Brook Newfoundland
Micah Landry University of New Brunswick St. Stephen New Brunswick
Marina Caracas Le-Fort University of Manitoba Winnipeg Manitoba
Rebekah Soneye University of Manitoba Winnipeg Manitoba
Victoria-Mae Carrière Université de Montréal Sainte-Thérèse Québec
Etienne Collin Université de Montréal Quebec Quebec
Jason Matthews Memorial University of Newfoundland Pasadena Newfoundland
Samantha Morgan Memorial University of Newfoundland Colliers Newfoundland
Yeva Côté-Paradis Université Laval Québec Québec
Félix Desroches Université Laval Québec Québec

About Schulich Leader Scholarships Canada

Recognizing the increasing importance and impact that STEM disciplines will have on the prosperity of future generations, businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich established this $100+ million scholarship fund in 2012 to encourage our best and brightest students to become Schulich Leader Scholars: the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators.

Through The Schulich Foundation, these prestigious entrance scholarships are awarded to 100 high school graduates enrolling in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) undergraduate program at 20 partner universities in Canada. Every high school in Canada can submit one Schulich Leader Nominee per academic year based on academic excellence in STEM, entrepreneurial leadership and financial need.