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Medicine is the Job that will Make Me Happy

1 May, 2013

Sacha Lajoie

I am now in the second session and I am now sure that medicine is the job that will make me happy. Although medicine can be demanding, I am fully passionate into what I'm doing and studying. My clinical abilities were my strong point last session and this has strengthened my desire to make general medicine where such competence is the center of the field. I did internships in emergency and that confirmed that I was not made ​​to work under pressure and in a context where time takes precedence over the patient. My internship in general medicine was a pure delight, because I like to talk in more details with the patient and have problems referring to all systems and not one in particular. I love the diversity and the challenge it brings. For summer, I want to give my candidature to work in a senior center to learn more about this community and to concrete the new knowledge I gained in my psychology gerontological course.