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It is hard to believe how fast time goes by

1 January, 2014

Arpit Sharma

It is hard to believe how fast time goes by. Another semester has come to an end and I am almost half way through my undergraduate career.
This year’s fall semester was different from last year’s in many ways. In terms of courses, last year’s curriculum was composed of various introductory courses and electives whereas this year contains specific courses that are related to my major. In addition, the labs in this semester were more challenging but exciting at the same time. I am eagerly looking forward to my next semester lab course, Research Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology which consists of two labs per week related to biochemistry, genetics and cell biology. Furthermore, I enrolled in psychology and got the opportunity to participate in various researches on campus. For one of the research in which I volunteered involved recording brain waves using EEG. This way, I got to know many graduate students and learn about different research activities they were conducting.
This year is very exciting for all the members of York University because the construction of Pan am and Parapan Am Athletics Stadium began at the campus. This stadium is one of the venues for 2015 Pan American Games. In the picture, I am standing in front of the construction site of the stadium; being a student at York University, I am very proud of this accomplishment.
Unlike last year, I starting participating in other activities outside of the campus. For example, I started volunteering at a hospital and now I am an active member of the hospital volunteering team and volunteer for one day a week. I work in the Emergency department under the Ambulatory Treatment Center. My job description involves providing comfort measures and support for patients before and after clinical examination and assist with patient treatment and care under the supervision of doctors. This is a great learning experience for me as I get the chance to work under some amazing group of people like nurses, doctors and other fellow volunteers.
With this semester coming to an end, I realized how much I have grown as a student. Last year was full of discovering myself and getting used to the University life while this year I feel more settled and comfortable in school. I am hoping to continue this in upcoming years and always be a proud Schulich Leader.