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I moved from Gaspé to Montreal at the end of August…

1 December, 2013

Miguel Gagnon

I moved from Gaspé to Montreal at the end of august. It took us 12 hours and two days to get there. Adapting to the city wasn’t too rough. Montreal is big indeed but people are nice and I live near the university, where most residents are students too. I live with students in medicine and management, the latter also plays football. If I hadn’t taken a chance, I surely wouldn’t have met them and I love discovering new persons who have different thoughts.
Then the classes started. Luckily I have very talented classmates and the chemistry in our group is amazing, because university is hard. I never worked so much and slept so little in a semester, but I never learned so many things either. Also, I got involved in a technical society called Oronos whose main goal is to build rockets and promote rocketry. We had a lot of fun learning the basics and assembling our own model rocket, then launching it a few thousand feet in the air! For the next year, I’ll be taking charge of the conception of a new experimental rocket which will participate in a competition in June 2014. It’s called the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition and I know many Canadian universities participate as well, you should check it out if you’re interested.
Finally, I was a jury for a special literary prize this year. With 13 other Cegep and university students, I discussed about literature and books in order to award the winner among winners of the last 10 “Prix littéraire des collégiens”, a prize given by college students every year in Quebec. I hope I’ll have the chance to renew such an experience, because it’s rare you can share with so many brilliant people in so many different fields of studies.