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First year has flown by

1 May, 2013

Cole Walsh

Well, I think it is fair to say that the first year of my university studies has flown by faster than expected. Looking back at when I first came here in September, I remember being excited, yet uneasy of what lay ahead for me in this new environment. I realize now that I never did have anything to worry about. The eight months I have spent here have been the most memorable of my life. The people I have met here now seem like friends I have known forever. This experience has been simply surreal and one would not be able to put into words the appreciation I feel for every last moment!

It is also very gratifying when your instructors take notice in your endeavors; one huge benefit of getting a post-secondary education in Corner Brook, NL. Again this semester I had classes with as little as nine students. This is extremely rewarding as you are able to establish a real connection with not only your peers, but also your professors. The guidance that they have offered me, mostly out of their own initiative, is simply astounding and I am truly grateful for it all. It feels great to know that they see potential in me to fulfill my aspirations!

I cannot overstate the importance of my friends in making this year so spectacular. Without them, I would still have the education, but not the memories! Like I said, I have only known them for a little over a half a year, but they just feel like friends I have known my whole life. It is sad to know that my first year is coming to an end, but I know now that I will definitely be seeing plenty of my new friends this summer before I return here next fall!

This summer, I will be working as a tutor back home in Nameless Cove until the end of the school year. After that, I hope to return here and work with my Earth Science professor for a couple months, gaining valuable experience along the way. The pieces have definitely started to fall into place, setting up what I hope to be a very bright future!