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Enjoying everything the campus and city have to offer

1 November, 2012

Regan Cross

My experience at at University of Ottawa has been great so far! All of my classes are going well and I have successfully completed my first set of midterm exams. My classes have been a lot of work but I’m keeping up with everything very well. I find all of my science courses to be very interesting and I enjoy the way the classes are run.

I’m living in residence so that has been a lot of fun and I’ve met a ton of great new people. Being on my own has obviously been a big adjustment but I’m enjoying the freedom and the responsibility.

As a Schulich leader, I’m really trying to take advantage of all that this campus has to offer me. I have signed up to be an executive member of a dance club on my campus. This group has just started up this year and we became an official club affiliated with our school last week. We will offer dance classes to students in a variety of genres beginning next week. I am helping to organize and schedule these classes as well as our year-end show in March. I will also be teaching a tap class, as I am a certified dance teacher. I am very excited to start this new experience and hope it runs smoothly!

To stay relaxed, I attend a yoga class once a week at the gym. I also find exercise to be very helpful when I get slightly overwhelmed with the heavy workload.

I love to go out and see the city of Ottawa, as it’s all very new to me. I enjoy meeting and talking to all new people from different places, backgrounds and programs.

Overall, I am honoured to be chosen as a Schulich leader and have really enjoyed my experience so far and look forward to the next 4+ years at university!