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Being back in Victoria has been great!

1 December, 2013

Aliya Khan

I was very excited to start my second year studies as I was finally able to focus my discipline and take more interesting classes. This semester did not disappoint! Microbiology and Spectroscopy were my favourite classes as the content was very interesting. The labs in particular were great as they gave me hands on experience with things that I could possibly be doing in the future – like culturing bacteria and viruses! I also really enjoyed having classes with Jennifer, my fellow Schulich Leader! Spending lots of time together has allowed us to become better friends.
On top of a heavy course-load and a part-time job, I am a Girl Guides of Canada leader. I volunteer once a week with Sparks (a branch of Girl Guides for girls aged five and six) and I love it. I was a Sparks helper for many years at home and am very happy that I have found a unit to work with here in Victoria. The girls are energetic and chipper and I thoroughly enjoy seeing them each week. They make me look forwards to Mondays and allow me to take a break from my hectic school life.
My goals for next term include getting more involved with the university and the community.
I am eager to start second term and take other cool courses but first I have to survive finals! I am hoping that since this is my third time experiencing the stressful two weeks, I will excel and live up to my Schulich Leader name.