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As I sit in my living room…

1 January, 2015

Jennifer Borchert

As I sit in my living room, post exam season chaos, I find writing this blog post particularly challenging. Reflecting on my term has brought up some difficult emotions. The business of the term had, at times, allowed me to set these aside. With the loss of a friend to a car accident and the diagnosis of another close friend with cancer over the course of the term, I was reminded of the transience of life. This awareness helped me to put my own daily worries into perspective and nurtured a consciousness of the many privileges that I have to be grateful for. Reminiscing on the term’s countless hours spent studying in coffee shops, sweating through spin classes, volunteering at Victoria Hospice, and pursuing crows for a student directed field study, I am reminded of the precious things that should never be taken for granted. I am incredibly fortunate and thankful for my health, the loving people in my life, and my unencumbered access to learning and growth as a University student.