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Another Amazing Year Has Gone By…

1 June, 2014

Kimia Sheikholeslami

Another amazing year has gone by, and despite finishing school a little more than a month ago, a feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me when I think about my second year in University. With my heavy course load including Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry, the numerous labs that I completed, and the tough winter we had in Winnipeg, this year was a challenging one. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every moment because I was fortunate to have such inspiring professors whose passion for science transcended the classroom and worked its way into my everyday life. I found myself applying the scientific concepts I learnt in the classroom when doing a variety of things, such as reading journals, watching TV, and even cooking. Now, more than ever, I am excited and intrigued by science because the courses that I took were more specific and tailored to my interests.

Furthermore, this year, I was a guest speaker at the Grade 9 International Baccalaureate (I.B.) Parent Information Evening, at Kelvin High School. It was such a pleasure to go back to my high school for the evening to speak of my experiences in the I.B. Program and to answer questions from parents and students. As a second year University student, I was also able to give some advice to students on how to prepare for University, which was gratifying considering that a couple of years ago, I was in their shoes. Moreover, a couple of days ago, I was a guest speaker at the 2014 Spring Convocation Luncheon at the University of Manitoba. At the luncheon, I spoke of how the Schulich Leader Scholarship changed my life, of the important role of science in my education, and of my academic goals for the future. It was such a wonderful and fulfilling moment to speak my thoughts in front of an audience. As a Schulich Leader, I want to take every opportunity I can to spread my love of scie nce to others.

It is hard to believe that next year will be my last year of University, but considering how great my second year was, I am excited to think of the future!