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A totally new experience at University of Montreal

1 November, 2012

Flavie-Anne Boulerice

This year, I am going through a totally new experience. I am doing a transition year in General Sciences at the University of Montreal because the school system in Quebec is quite different as in Ontario. And because there was a students’ strike in the Spring in the province of Quebec I only started classes in October therefore it’s been only 4 weeks since I’ve started.

My first impression of Montreal was WOW…, this is a big city something I’m really not used to. I was scared I was not going to like it because it was so different from the countryside I love so much and because I was away from home, from my family… But finally after only 4 weeks I can say that I actually enjoy it.

This year because it’s a transition year my grades are very very important to be accepted in the program I want to practice: Veterinary Medicine!!! So I’ve decided to really focus on my classes and my homeworks which are present, if I may say, in large quantities!

I like my courses but I cannot wait for them to become more specific, and get deeper in the subject because they’re still general just like science courses used to be. I also appreciate the teachers, they’re really competent. My favourite class is Biology, I find it really interesting: I love the subject and the conversations. I’ve also met knew interesting peoples and made new friends.

Montreal is quite an impressive city, I love the campus there is something about it that is awesome: it’s so green, there are trees everywhere. Even though I’ve decided to stay focus on my grades I still want to stay active. I’m still discovering the campus and all it offers like the gym, sports facilities.

In the picture sent, I stand in front of the Roger-Gaudry Building, the tallest of all the buildings especially since its stand on the top of a mount. In this building I have my chemistry and my mathematics courses on the 8th and 9th floors where instead of taking the elevator I climb many stairs. I have to say that it’s quite a workout especially at 8 o’clock in the morning!!!

Finally I think it’s going to be a great year even though it’s quite an unusual one! 🙂