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A busy year

1 July, 2015

Sacha Lajoie

This year was the last before the externship where I’m going to do my internship at the hospital. I then decided to use this year to do something that I particularly like: tutoring. I helped three families at home during all the school year. In one, I helped three children of a family that emigrated from Africa for three years. I taught all subjects and gave information about the college and the university because they do not have a good knowledge of the Quebec education system. In another home, I helped an dysphasic child who needed an organizational aid because it had difficulty studying for her exams and focus. I gave him tips and methods to get there. In another home, a Polish emigrant family, I helped with math homework a girl of 13. Three families, three different needs. That may sound like the intimate relationship that a family doctor with his patient. We must listen to his patient to meet their needs and expectations while watching if he has no other problems the patient is not aware.
On the other hand, I have volunteered in an organization, the Pignon Bleu, which supports disadvantaged families in childcare poor primary after school. These children have a snack, help with homework and recreational activities. For my part, I contributed to help with homework. It was very touching to contributing to this organization that works miracles with not much and very instructive, because I have experienced a reality, poverty, which was known to me only in theory. I learned about and by the confidences of children and this will certainly changed my vision.
On the side of my computer company, I did not skimp either! We redid our website, create an advertising brochure and we had new contracts with schools, businesses, individuals, etc. Here is the web link to our website if you want to know more!
As part of my medical program, I also had to meet an elderly person living in nursing homes residence. This meeting with a lady with intellectual disability and loss of independence made me realize how much the needs and expectations of a patient may be different doctors priorities. This lady was satisfied with their care and felt healthy because his doctors had listened to, even if she was suffering from several debilitating diseases! This meeting also questioned some of my prejudices about seniors’ residences in loss of autonomy. Finally, this year was also where I finished my psychology certificate! Interesting and enriching lessons until the end!
Finally, a productive and busy year! But the next will also be loaded with my entry into the clerkship! No more school benches, here I am hospital!