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Wow, my first term at the University of Victoria …

1 January, 2014

Paul Kim

Wow, my first term at the University of Victoria has been absolutely amazing. The notion that there are these places where like minded individuals can come to cultivate innovative ideas, thoughts, and perhaps share panic (during exams!) is thoroughly exhilarating. It’s an experience that is new to me; I am able to learn with a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity. Knowing that there is such strong support behind me from the Schulich Leaders community is such a grateful feeling – I am able direct my attention towards my studies with more commitment and passion. With the end of my first university term, I can definitely assure you that sciences are and always have been my passion. The open ended nature of science intrigues me because it is a field driven by questions and unknowns. From cell biology to molecular orbitals, the richness and diversity of topics I have come to learn on campus parallels no prior experience thus far.

Shortly after being chosen for the Schulich Leader Scholarship, I received a letter from the Nanaimo MLA. He reminded me to keep balance in my life, and I must admit, it has been quite difficult doing so. Fortunately, I have been able to teach Taekwondo with my brother regularly to stay healthy and to benefit the community. After my second term, we will proudly donate our profits to local charitable organizations.

Most importantly, I have been so privileged to meet countless motivated and dedicated students from all across the world. I was even lucky enough to meet a certain 2013 Schulich Leader on campus by chance (hi Sarah!). Being able to meet all these amazing people is indescribable and humbling to say the least.

An aspect of this great place that I really admire is the fact that everyone has an equal opportunity to choose which path to take in terms of academic and career aspirations. The paths to our future are paved by our personal interests which I believe is key to ensuring a brighter future for our world.