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Wow! First semester is done already

1 December, 2013

Frank Battaglia

Wow! First semester is done already. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement! From living on my own for the first time to studying exclusively science, my life has undergone some drastic changes. However, I’m enjoying what I’m doing, and going to class and studying is no problem!

For example, in Biology, we studied evolution, from a few chemicals in a pool to the fully formed humans we are today. That was a truly eye-opening course. In Chemistry, understanding the interactions of atoms and subatomic particles gave me perspective as to how intricate our world really is. Physics is all about the classics as concepts from kinematics, dynamics, waves, and optics are all thoroughly explored and explained. Lastly Calculus supplies the theoretical basis for everything I do in science. McGill Science is beautifully structured, as all of my courses tie into each other and lend their perspective when approaching new problem.

Outside the classroom, I’ve kept busy. I gained an amazing research position at the Meakins-Christie laboratory studying the effects inflammation has on Cystic Fibrosis. At this point in my research, I have 2 projects of my own at the lab and will hopefully have some results in the near future. This lab position is normally only open to upper year students, but I believe that my status as a Schulich Leader really helped to land me such an amazing position!

I’ve also been involved in student government as I’m the Vice President of Communications for FUSS (Freshmen Undergraduate Student Society). I act as a voice for both the council to all First Year Science Students and as the student body to the council.

While doing all that, maintaining good marks and staying healthy, I’ve also managed to organize a service mission to Belize this March. My team of 6 McGill students will go to Belize for 9 days as ISL-H.E.A.R.T. and will open up a clinic for the underserved. I am most excited to be able to continue my humanitarian efforts while here at school.

Doing well in school, getting involved, volunteering and research is no easy schedule to maintain, but by not over-extending myself, developing a plan to tackle my projects and approaching everything with a positive attitude, finding balance is not that hard. Being a Schulich Leader is all about having the skills to maintain balance in your life, and at McGill, I’m learning to develop those skills.