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Without a doubt, first semester was incredible

1 January, 2014

Jamie-Lee Freeston

Without a doubt, first semester was incredible. It started with frosh week, which brought all first year engineers together. From EngCuts to scavenger hunts, building chariots to playing in the mud, and finally climbing the grease pole, Sci ’17 was recognized not only as a year, but a family. Within my frosh group, I immediately got to know many people.
Classes started, and yes, it was different than high school. Intimidating at first, but we were all in it together. With constant midterms & assignments, stress piled up, but there was much support, and my professors were amazing. My Geology Prof uses a hockey stick to point at his power points & every year it is tradition to get stolen, forcing him to perform dances to have it returned. Traditions like these and good sportsmanship are what make the school year enjoyable.
To relieve stress, I stay involved. Every week, I play intramural volleyball. I was also elected onto Sci ‘17’s Year Executive as Athletic Representative, where I plan and run events for my class. Lastly, in residence I live on an Active Living Floor. Often my don organizes workouts and intramural teams. Living in Residence and staying involved allow me to meet many people, take a break, and have fun, which are all important!
The real unison of my class occurred during exams, when we received, kicked, and ‘purpled’ our GPA’s (Golden Party Armour jackets), but we couldn’t wear them until exams finished. GPA’s were carried to the final exam, anticipating the moment we could submit it and wear them. A GPA is more than a jacket though. It represents the hard work we have done throughout the semester, and officially acknowledges us as Queen’s Engineers. When writing that final exam, you see other students finish & put their GPA on proudly. All you can do is smile and stare, anticipating your turn; it’s difficult to concentrate on the exam itself! I finally finished, and after many months, I was wearing my GPA. An overwhelming sense of pride flooded me; no words can describe it. As everyone finished, we gathered and slammed our jackets for the first time. At that moment, we were Queen’s Engineers.
Back at school, again, it is a busy semester, but with determination and positivity, balance is possible! First semester has flown by, and I’m excited to continue my journey as Schulich Leader at Queen’s.