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Western has made my first two months of university as a Schulich Leader wonderful

1 November, 2012

Gurleen Chahal

For the months preceding my arrival at Western University, every pamphlet and every Western alumnus with whom I had conversed repeatedly boasted about Western having something known as “the best student experience”.

In fact, they proudly claimed that Western had been named as the university with the most satisfied students for eleven years in a row.

After having experienced an awe-inspiring O-week (which included carnivals, concerts, dances, and raising money for cystic fibrosis research through Canada’s largest post-secondary school fundraiser) and participating in an unforgettable homecoming (featuring purple masses proudly sporting their western wear and mustang noisemakers during the homecoming game), I can happily say that I couldn’t agree more—Western has made my first two months of university as a Schulich Leader wonderful.

With such a welcoming and active campus, it is impossible to not want to get involved! Currently, I am the Junior Editor of the Scholarly Scoop (a student-run magazine at Western), Residence Council Environment Commissioner, and Residence Representative for Friends of MSF (Doctors without Borders). I am also in the Biology Undergraduate Society, am a mentor for Science Expo, and play on intramural soccer and volleyball teams.

One of my most pressing fears leaving high school was that I would end up just blending into the background upon entering university. However, Western made sure this didn’t happen by providing countless opportunities to become a part of the Mustang community.

Regarding academics, university is vastly different from high school. You have to really make sure you understand the material and how it applies to the real world. Personally, I really enjoy our chemistry and biology labs, because we have access to more equipment and complex labs than we did in secondary school years.

Everything I’ve experienced so far is helping prepare me for future endeavors I hope to undertake. For example, I improve my communication skills as Junior Editor, build upon my organizational skills as Environment Commissioner, strengthen my teamwork skills through sports, and am able to learn more about MSF as Residence Representative. Becoming more informed about MSF and its initiatives is especially important to me because I hope to partake in excursions with them to places in need as soon as I am qualified. Academically speaking, the hands-on learning I experience via labs acquaints me with the environment I would see daily if I pursue research (an option I am still considering). Moreover, I augment my interview skills through applying for executive positions.

From the highlights of my experience and everything I have learned (and continue to learn hourly), it is easily understandable why I confidently predict that my new home will claim its twelfth consecutive year as the Canadian university with the most satisfied students.

The accompanying photo shows me holding the Elgin flag before we start the Homecoming Parade through campus.