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University was an Enriching Experience

1 May, 2013

Kimia Sheikholeslami

It astounds me that my first year of University is already over; all that is remaining are my final exams. Looking back on this year, I can honestly say that University was a very enriching experience. When I compare myself now, to the anxious student sprinting across campus at the beginning of the school year, I can already see immense growth in myself. I am now more self-confident, have adapted and welcomed the University lifestyle, and have mastered the art of discovering the University’s underground tunnels, which always get me to classes on time!

Since I transferred credits from the International Baccalaureate Program towards University, I was able to choose amongst courses that were tailored towards my interests and strengths. Consequently, I discovered my love for Genetics and this has led me to follow a 4 year Honours Degree in Genetics. It feels fulfilling to finally know what I want to pursue academically, and now that I know the direction I’m heading towards, the path towards my ambitions is a lot clearer.

Furthermore, in my second semester, I decided to become more involved in extra-curricular activities by helping to plan an event and by applying to become an Orientation Volunteer for the fall of 2013. I am very excited to have been chosen and am looking forward to welcoming new students to the University of Manitoba and showing them everything our campus has to offer. It feels great to be able to help and direct new students, because I can relate to them, as I was just in their shoes a couple of months ago.

This year has been a smooth ride, which makes me very grateful for the Schulich Leader Scholarship because it has removed all of the financial weight off of my shoulders. Being a Schulich Leader has instilled in me the notion that with hard work, anything is attainable and the only thing obstructing your way to success is your own hesitation. I’ve learnt that the same notion applies to your experiences in University. If you follow what you want, whether it is academic, social or athletic, and work hard without doubting yourself, then you are guaranteed to be successful, and more importantly, happy.