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University has been an amazing experience thus far

1 October, 2012

Lance Pitka

University has been an amazing experience thus far. I enjoy all of my classes, I have made many new friends from living in residence, and I am very involved in the university.

I am a member of the Greystone Student Society, which is a group of Greystone Scholars who split into teams and plan events for the student body throughout the year. I was elected leader of my team so I plan meetings and am responsible for diving up tasks withing the group.

I also take part in campus rec sports. This semester I am on a co-rec basketball team. We have one game a week throughout October and November.

Another student group I take part in is USST (University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team). Annually the team enters into competitions such as the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge. This year we have not made a final decision on which challenge we will be entering. For the first month, we split into teams and are competing against each other in a challenge to launch an egg as high as we can into the air, and have it return to earth unbroken.

Aside from extra curricular, I spent a weekend volunteering at U of S engineering centennial celebration. This year is the 100th year of the faculty of engineering at the U of S, and 600 engineers returned to Saskatoon for the the celebration, including a few who graduated in the 1940’s!

In addition, I tutor friends, fellow students, and high school students about three hours a week.

I still make a point of going to the gym a minimum of four days a week even though I am very busy with school and student groups.

I am trying to make the most out of my university experience, and I believe I am on the right track in doing so.