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Three blog posts in…

1 December, 2013

William Kwan

Three blog posts in an my third semester at U of T is almost done. As a life science student turned CS, I have to admit that programming eats away at you. Time is just a blur when you’re trying to crack down on a mysterious bug. This past semester, three projects in particular have been driving me nuts.

The first was a group project for a very interesting class on human-computer interaction, where my group came up with the idea to build a PowerPoint remote control app for Android. Nothing puts a student to sleep faster than a bad PowerPoint, so we figured the world would be a happier place if presenters didn’t have to stand behind their laptop the whole time while speaking.

The other devourers of my time are ParaShoot and Heroes vs. Mechs, two iOS games I’ve been feverishly developing on my own. I’ve always loved video games, and my goal is to support myself as an indie game developer while I study, so this is my way of breaking into the industry.

Luckily, U of T offers many less hair-pulling activities on campus to help keep me sane. Tennis has been my go-to sport since I was ten. My other de-stresser is art. The figure drawing club here is really great, definitely one of the hidden gems I’ve found.