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The Small Details Keep Our World Spinning

1 August, 2019

Vardaan Malhotra

Our world is ever so slightly different now than it was a second ago, and much different from a year or a generation ago. Humanity is continuously developing and expanding at an accelerated rate. With this comes incredible advancements in all fields from sciences to arts. In fact, we are living in such a technologically advanced time period that our next breakthroughs include making humans a multi-planetary species, harnessing extraterrestrial resources, and even automating all daily monotonous tasks. Unfortunately, sometimes as we aim to propel our civilization towards new eras, we overlook and take for granted the small details that keep our planet healthy and sustainable.

Food wastage is a prominent concern for today. In an attempt to maintain fresh food supplies, businesses and farms are forced to dispose of foods that are not consumed or sold. Armed with this knowledge, Food Scoop, an environmental project, was launched. The aim of this initiative was to help reduce food wastage within the greater Fredericton area while providing the opportunity for local businesses to increase their source of revenue. Now, every time a partnered business has excess food products approaching a “Best Before Date”, they are displayed at reduced prices on the Food Scoop platform, which functions off of a Facebook page. Featuring products on this platform increases the likelihood of the excess food being sold instead of being disposed of in landfills. Plus by having their products showcased under one umbrella, businesses are able to expand their income and current audience base. It also gives the opportunity for individuals and students to purchase high quality and diverse food products at low costs.

The journey of launching the Food Scoop platform has had its hiccups and hurdles. However, through persistence and commitment, the initiative eventually attained success and is now continuing to grow. As of yet, Food Scoop has partnered with Aura Whole Foods, Simply for Life – Northside and the Future Chef’s Cafe. Furthermore, through the assistance of my community, Food Scoop has been able to establish a strong following base and has been recognized by CBC Shift for Change, the Green Party, the University of New Brunswick and other local organizations.

Currently, this platform is working on a project to provide the Fredericton Community Kitchen with organically produced vegetables from small community gardens in Fredericton and neighbouring areas. This is increasing the initiative’s partnerships and enlarging its reach within the community. An app is also being developed in an attempt to make the platform more user-friendly for both the consumers and partnered organizations. As humanity expands its horizons and discovers more about the universe, it is important that we all do our part to protect and care for the planet that has kept us safe and healthy. More information regarding this initiative can be found on the Food Scoop Facebook page,,

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