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The people I have met here are amazing

1 November, 2012

Julia Pennell

No one tells you that the transition from high school to university will be easy, but no one tells you how hard it is either. No amount of preparation and research can prepare you for the huge transition you are about to face when walk onto your new campus. I never thought I was going to survive the first few weeks of classes. Everything was new, new province, new city, new school, new classes, new teachers and new friends. Although it was hard at times, the last two months I have spent at Dalhousie University have flown by and I can finally say I’m adjusting to the craziness.

I have always said that I work best under pressure that is why I have already made an effort to get involved. I was elected as first year rep for my residence and have helped plan events for our floor. I have also been volunteering with the varsity soccer team and have recently started a job at the Registrars office. I hope to get involved with more as the school year progresses and I get more comfortable with university life.

When I first came I was hesitant about staying in residence, but it was definitely the best choice I made. The people I have met here are amazing and they have tremendously helped with the transition.

Coming to Dalhousie has been an amazing experience, and if I could give one bit of advice it would be no matter where you choose to go, give it a chance. There is no doubt the transition is hard at first but don’t give up, it is worth every minute and I want to thank the Schulich Leader Scholarships for giving me this incredible opportunity.