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The End of A Beginning

1 January, 2016

Julia Won

Time flies. Before I knew it, my first semester at the University of Toronto has come to an end and what an adventure! Currently, I hope to get accepted into the life science-psychology major program with a minor in French. My passion for education flourished with the opportunities that UofT have had to offer. I just love the variety of courses; I took the chance to take Latin and even astronomy. Extra-curricular activities are abundant as well. Since it is very early in my university career, I used this semester to explore the many clubs and organizations that are active on campus. Almost every week I discovered something new and I am still exploring. 
Living downtown allowed me to experience new volunteer opportunities. I volunteered for a variety of downtown events in order to learn more about the city and the community. Some of these events include RBC’s Run for the Kids for mental awareness and Trinity College’s 40th annual book sale. Also, I am now a volunteer coordinator for a local Toronto popular culture festival. 
It was a challenge to get used to this new chapter of the life, but I would like to mention some incredible individuals who helped me. They are the fellow Schulich Leaders at UofT. The Schulich Foundation’s generously provides the opportunity for leaders at each campus to have annual get-togethers. On October 2nd the UofT leaders had their first meet-up of the academic year, planned by William Kwan (Schulich Leader 2011). 
Although Kyle Wamer (Schulich Leader 2011) was unable to join us, he was there in spirit! It was wonderful to finally meet everyone. Not only did we have a great dinner, but the senior Leaders shared their guidance and tips. After getting used to being a mentor in high school, I have now become the mentee. Beyond that, a special friendship was born. The leaders have an unconditional bond and I hope this friendship will last for the many years to come. In fact, the 2015 Leaders (Christopher, Daniel, Annie, and myself) met before this event and are very close. Annie put it together quite well when she said, “the Schulich Leaders were the first and most precious friends we met at UofT.” 
All of this was possible because of the Schulich Foundation. During dinner, all of us shared a common gratefulness for what the Foundation has done for us, our families, and many others in the community.
I know that next year’s leaders will also feel this bond and gratitude, but until then another semester awaits!