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The Cycle of Inspiration

1 July, 2013

Jivetesh Singh Chhatwal

My second semester at the Memorial University in my ongoing undergraduate degree was quite different from what I expected. It wasn’t nearly as eventful as the last one but my focus this time around was observing and gaining inspiration to excel. I was also performing domestic duties which weren’t necessarily new to me but I had to learn to balance these with the increasing demands of my academics.

The semester began in the cold, snow clad months of Newfoundland winter. It was my third winter here but I was still unfamiliar to it. My parents had just moved out of the city due to their employment and I was given the responsibility to look after my younger sister who is in her early teens. This was a great learning opportunity for me. It was like I was meeting my sister for the first time as a new person. However, throughout the semester I found myself struggling to keep up with the workload at times but after seeking some advice and applying it, things seemed to work out. Finally getting a driver’s license surely made chores manageable.

My quest for inspiration during this semester was quite successful. It came from people I already knew but learning about their actions motivated me. I looked up to an acquaintance and was inspired to become a Memorial Ambassador, a reputable service post at the university which allows me to represent the university at events and celebrations while gaining beneficial contacts.

When this semester was coming to a close, it was also the time that my year as my city’s “Youth of the Year” was ending and it was time to pass on the torch to someone, I and other members on the selection committee believed was worthy. At the award ceremony, in the same city hall where I was given my title, I was back to complete my role. Talking to the award recipient, Natasha Noel, is when I realized that inspiration is a 2 way street. It is a debt you pay off when you guide others towards a brighter future.

This summer, I passed on a research opportunity at the University to be back in India, my home country, for the very first time since I immigrated to Canada. As great and nostalgic as it is to meet old friends and family, I know I am not the same person that left 3 years back. Now, I am curious, I have matured, I have learnt, I have experienced. Now, I am a Schulich Leader

Photo- Jivetesh Chhatwal (2012 St. John’s Youth of the Year) passing the title to the new Youth of the Year, Natasha Noel

Photo Credit- Department of Recreation, City of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador