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The academic side of my university life has been rather smooth

1 December, 2013

Nadia Kashetsky

To date, the academic side of my university life has been rather smooth. Due to the IB program I was able to acquire the credit for first year Biology. Instead I have been taking a Psychology class for fun! I am enjoying Chemistry the most, due to an amazing Professor and interesting material. Of all my courses, Physics is my biggest challenge. Due to my personal interests I am considering changing into the Bachelor of Science Kinesiology program at University of New Brunswick Fredericton campus. My life outside of academics has been great. I am very proud to be a Varsity Red. I was thrilled to have made the Varsity Swim Team and I am very excited about my progress. I am happy with training, racing and I love my team. I am very excited to have made the travelling team and to compete in the AUS Championships in Newfoundland. Now it is time to buckle down and study for exams!