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Studying civil engineering in the country’s capital

1 November, 2012

Émilie-Anne Fleury

So here I am, studying civil engineering in the country’s capital at the University of Ottawa. Already, I have finished nearly two months of studies and am preparing for the second set of midterm exams. This may sound cliché (and it sure is!), but it feels like yesterday that I was back at home in Sudbury for the summer break. And yet it feels so far away. It is interesting to look back at the last few months and realize all the changes that have taken place in my life. Isn’t it odd how easy it is not to realize them as they are happening?

Walking on campus is certainly very different from being in high school. There, I am almost completely anonymous, whereas I knew nearly everyone in my high school. Now, I can often walk between classes without recognizing anyone, although as the semester progresses and I am meeting more people.

The university campus is very big. When I was choosing my classes last spring, I tried to plan my schedule so my classes were in nearby buildings, but that was not always possible. Classes end between 10 and 15 minutes early to give students time to get to their next classes. I’m not ashamed to admit, however, that every Friday I take the city bus from Laurier Station (at one end of campus) to Campus Station (near the middle) before hurrying to the other end in an attempt to get to my class on time.

My classes this semester vary from basic calculus and chemistry classes to mechanics for engineers to computer programming and economy for engineers. I believe this is a very good mixture of the different aspects of engineering and a great start to my university studies. Although I have a lot of homework, I really enjoy it and am looking forward to spending the next few years here at the University of Ottawa.