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Starting university is like moving from one continent to another

1 November, 2012

Lauren Atkinson

Advancing from high school to university isn’t exactly what I would call a jump in education; it is more like moving from one continent to another. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it through my first week at Dalhousie, and now I cannot believe that two months are already over with. Once I got into the swing of things, I realized all that the university really has to offer. I can honestly say that I have professors that I love, TA’s that are extremely helpful, and classes that I find really interesting. This being said, it’s still really challenging, but that is what makes it fun. Getting back good grades after working so hard is definitely rewarding.

Living off campus is something I think is a bit of a bonus. There isn’t as much of a party atmosphere, and it is really easy to concentrate when your best friends aren’t down the hall. Although, most of my time is spent at the library, so I guess being on res would probably cut down on the gas, not that money is a major issue thanks to the Schulich Scholarship!

I haven’t had a chance to join any of the extra curricular clubs yet. Dalhousie has so many to offer, but I find trying to achieve a strong GPA is further up the priority list at the moment. Hopefully by next semester I will have had a chance to scope out a club or society that meets my interests. At the moment I’m actually looking into volunteering in one of the labs on campus, so I think that will be a great experience. I’m also participating in some of the volunteering events, such as Trick or Eat, which collects thousands of pounds of food and thousands of dollars to go towards the less fortunate.

Overall, I can genuinely say that being a student at Dal is an amazing experience. I’m learning so much; not just about the subjects, but about myself as well.