Lukas Weese

2014, Science

School & Degree:

University of Toronto, Science

High School/Cegep:

The Country Day School

City & Province:

King, Ontario

Nominated by:

David Huckvale

What area(s) of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are you pursuing for your undergraduate degree?
Life Sciences
What is your favourite inspirational quote? 
“The Most Important Things in Life Aren’t Things”- Anthony D’Angelo
What is a little known fact about you?
I know the capitals of all Fifty States in the U.S. and many more countries around the world.
Why do you think you make a great Schulich Leader? 
Being recognized as a Schulich Leader is an incredible honour. Schulich leaders embody the values of curiosity, hard-work, compassion and optimism. I have always been an individual that wants to learn about new ideas and subjects, ranging from physics to philosophy. As a Schulich Leader, I will continue to represent my community and my country by constantly willing to lend a helping hand to those in need and to possess a positive spirit during adverse times. Thank you, Schulich Leaders, for providing me with this unforgettable opportunity and I look forward to pursuing my dreams in university and beyond.