Félix Desrochers

2016, Engineering

School & Degree:

Université de Montréal, Engineering

High School/Cegep:

College de Maisonneuve

City & Province:

Montreal, Quebec

Nominated by:

Coquelicot Ayotte

What undergraduate program are you enrolled?


Physics engineering


What is your favourite inspirational quote?


On m’a dit : « Tu n’es que cendres et poussières. » On a oublié de me dire qu’il s’agissait de poussières d’étoiles. -Hubert Reeves


What is a little known fact about you?


One of my greatest passion is soccer. My work ethic and leadership allowed me to stand out in this sport. For instance, I was named best athlete and student-athlete in my CEGEP because of my performances with the school soccer team.


Why do you make a great Schulich Leader?


To me, a great Schulich Leader is passionate by his study field, extremely hardworking, and above all, able to inspire those around him. Thus, I consider that I match this description because I have a huge interest in science (especially in physics), but also because during my academic and sporting career, I have always shown leadership and a great work ethic. But even more importantly, I have a strong will to help others around me and motivate them to give the best of themselves. I thrive to understand the world and the laws that govern it so that I can engineer a better future and enhance the society in which I live in.